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I’m Three

My blog that is. I hit my blog’s anniversary again on March 13th and like every year, I totally forgot about it. I should like mark it on my calendar as a reoccurring event huh? Maybe I won’t miss it.

My Favorite

Anyway, I do have a couple things I made recently from free tutorials. Goodness, I love those free tutorials. It’s how I discovered the world of blogs way back when I started. I wanted to make a zippered pouch. I typed in how to make a zippered pouch or something like that. Low & behold- I was directed to some blogs and Flickr. Who knew?

There were sewers out there. They were hip, crafty and were even stay at home mamas! They made stuff for their kids, homes, friends and they had gobs of cool fabric… Fabric! Not material as it has always been called in my family. There were designers and patterns that were modern.

She's Happy

Anyway, you all know this so I won’t go on and on like I usually do.

Ms Designer

This is Ms O’s dress. We call it her project runway dress because she basically made all the decisions about it. She picked the pattern, fabric and of course, the rows of chiffon.

Chiffon Ruffle

The pattern is actually a free online tutorial for a shirt, but we just made it longer into a dress. It’s the Ruffle Sleeve Top Tutorial. I love this! So easy and it turns out so cute. The chiffon is some leftover from the pettiskirts. I just made a super long ruffle and went around the bottom of the dress cutting the ruffle at the end of each row and moving on to the next row until she told me to stop. I would love to make her something like this Can-Can skirt someday soon- I love ruffles!


I also made some hairkerchiefs from JCasa’s free tutorial. The tutorial says to cut a 7.5″ square to make one, but you may need to go up or down to fit your child’s head. Ms O is a small 4 and I made mine from a 10″ square. It fits perfectly.


She wears it quite often and they stay on nicely as well.


To cap it off, I will celebrate like I’ve always done and will make a little something. I’ll try to whip it out sometime soon so stick around!



Back again and with something crafty!

Finally finished poor Eddie’s school bag- um, 6 months late.

Eddie has a bag!

Augie has had his since the beginning of the year, but I was too lazy to do two bags.


The size of these was important. Remember Augie’s Kindergarten backpack? That thing is a pain to get things in and out of! These were going to fit everything including their lunchbox and huge library books, but not too big that they couldn’t carry them.

Dimensional pocket

There aren’t any inside pockets since I know they’d never use them. Girls maybe, but boys don’t use inside pockets.  The outside pocket is a must since their morning snack must be in there for fast and easy access. I learned how to do this “dimensional pocket” from Cindy Taylor Oates’ great pattern for Backpacks. (I recommend highly this pattern!) It was so easy to do and came out perfectly every time.

The tricky part!

The hardest part is that top zipper. Since this was my pattern, I had to work hard to get all the pieces to fit.  Now I know why patterns with top zippers are never sewn in at the ends. I did sew my ends in. I had to rip it out many times because it was hard to get the corners neat and everything matched up.   Do you see my mistake?

I think I went through 10 needles sewing these two bags. There’s stiff peltex interfacing throughout and two layers of home dec fabric. Then there was the handles which were interfaced as well. There was some major cursing going on!

Boy's School Bags

Needless to say, my trusty Singer was put to the test! I love that machine.

(The mistake was the top piece with the zipper. The lining camo fabric is on one side and the outside skateboard fabric is on the other. I know it’s hard to tell and the fabrics match, but I can tell. It drives me nuts.)

Half An Hour

I’m giving myself a 1/2 hour to write this post. I always think, it takes too long or I don’t want to load up the photos, I don’t want to write… so I don’t blog.

Grandpa's flowers

I decided to change that and just write for 1/2 hour. That’s it. I can manage 1/2 hr on the ol blog- no problem. Let’s see if it works and keeps me blogging!

So! Here’s a quick run-down, aka a journal for me & my family regarding the past few months:

Coloring Wallets

Christmas was excellent with just enough sewing to keep me busy, but not drive me mad. I sewed some more skirt outfits for all the girls and some pjs for all the boys. Also made 11 of these great coloring wallets. I made some fingerless gloves for the first time and loved  it. It’s really easier than you think!

Washington Windmills

We went to Walla Walla to visit family. Drove up to see the ginormous windmills we’re getting our power from. Celebrated 3 family birthdays which totaled 100.  Did a little geocaching in the freezing cold!


Enjoyed the beauty of the Gorge on the way home.

Columbia Gorge

Augie turned 8. EIGHT! I’m already preparing myself for 10. Dear Lord. (BTW- how come no one told me how challenging 8 is?)

Augie's 8!

Had another great trip to the beach with good friends.

Boys & Water

Can’t wait to go again in a couple months when tarp town doesn’t have to be erected.

OR Coast Yurt

Oh, I have much more to show you, but 1/2 hour is up dude. Gotta get back to reality.

OR Beach

I promise, the next one will have more crafty things!