Half An Hour

I’m giving myself a 1/2 hour to write this post. I always think, it takes too long or I don’t want to load up the photos, I don’t want to write… so I don’t blog.

Grandpa's flowers

I decided to change that and just write for 1/2 hour. That’s it. I can manage 1/2 hr on the ol blog- no problem. Let’s see if it works and keeps me blogging!

So! Here’s a quick run-down, aka a journal for me & my family regarding the past few months:

Coloring Wallets

Christmas was excellent with just enough sewing to keep me busy, but not drive me mad. I sewed some more skirt outfits for all the girls and some pjs for all the boys. Also made 11 of these great coloring wallets. I made some fingerless gloves for the first time and loved  it. It’s really easier than you think!

Washington Windmills

We went to Walla Walla to visit family. Drove up to see the ginormous windmills we’re getting our power from. Celebrated 3 family birthdays which totaled 100.  Did a little geocaching in the freezing cold!


Enjoyed the beauty of the Gorge on the way home.

Columbia Gorge

Augie turned 8. EIGHT! I’m already preparing myself for 10. Dear Lord. (BTW- how come no one told me how challenging 8 is?)

Augie's 8!

Had another great trip to the beach with good friends.

Boys & Water

Can’t wait to go again in a couple months when tarp town doesn’t have to be erected.

OR Coast Yurt

Oh, I have much more to show you, but 1/2 hour is up dude. Gotta get back to reality.

OR Beach

I promise, the next one will have more crafty things!


4 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve missed you, so I’m glad to get half an hour’s worth of catch up. Oh, don’t tell me 8 is challenging – I’m just trying to come to terms with 7…


    • Thanks Dawn. The post still took me an hour… too many darn photos!
      And heck ya, 8 is so much harder than 7. I’m sorry to say, but at least you’ll be prepared!


  2. Nice to see you back blogging. Great photos. I’ll be waiting for something crafty. Oh, and 13 is outta this world.


  3. It’s true, blogging can take a surprising amount of time, especially for busy moms. I’m glad to see this post, though! You make such wonderful things and I always love to hear about places people go in Oregon. That is a fantastic photo of the gorge by the way!


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