Back again and with something crafty!

Finally finished poor Eddie’s school bag- um, 6 months late.

Eddie has a bag!

Augie has had his since the beginning of the year, but I was too lazy to do two bags.


The size of these was important. Remember Augie’s Kindergarten backpack? That thing is a pain to get things in and out of! These were going to fit everything including their lunchbox and huge library books, but not too big that they couldn’t carry them.

Dimensional pocket

There aren’t any inside pockets since I know they’d never use them. Girls maybe, but boys don’t use inside pockets.  The outside pocket is a must since their morning snack must be in there for fast and easy access. I learned how to do this “dimensional pocket” from Cindy Taylor Oates’ great pattern for Backpacks. (I recommend highly this pattern!) It was so easy to do and came out perfectly every time.

The tricky part!

The hardest part is that top zipper. Since this was my pattern, I had to work hard to get all the pieces to fit.  Now I know why patterns with top zippers are never sewn in at the ends. I did sew my ends in. I had to rip it out many times because it was hard to get the corners neat and everything matched up.   Do you see my mistake?

I think I went through 10 needles sewing these two bags. There’s stiff peltex interfacing throughout and two layers of home dec fabric. Then there was the handles which were interfaced as well. There was some major cursing going on!

Boy's School Bags

Needless to say, my trusty Singer was put to the test! I love that machine.

(The mistake was the top piece with the zipper. The lining camo fabric is on one side and the outside skateboard fabric is on the other. I know it’s hard to tell and the fabrics match, but I can tell. It drives me nuts.)


7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Gabrien on March 20, 2010 at 1:39 am

    Posts! Welcome back!

    Love the bags- and those cute boys too. See you Sunday!


  2. Yep, I didn’t notice the mistake. Those bags are awesome. Not just cool, but really cool. I can imagine their friends thinking that those are the best bags ever.


  3. Posted by Sara on March 20, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    I feel the same way about blogging just takes up too much time to justify but I like your 1/2 hour rule. I think I will try that myself! And don’t stop blogging cause I like reading…


  4. Nice bags!


  5. Posted by Lori on April 3, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    I would have never noticed that the two materials were not the same! Great work, as always!! Miss you…as always! Good to see that you’re doing great~



  6. Very very nice bag. I am going to add it to my long list of projects to do. BTW I was browsing your photostream on flickr and noticed a pictures of a mushroom log (?) It is totally awesome. Is it hard to grow mushroom?


    • No- not at all once you buy them inoculated with spores already. I just set mine on our kitchen table and let it do it’s magic. The kids loved watching it grow.


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