New Digs

My Sewing "Studio"

I moved and I love it!

Dark Industrial Corner

I say that alot about alot of things, but I really, really do *love* my new sewing space.

Even More Storage

I waited and waited and waited. I blame myself as well. I didn’t put too much effort in moving. My old sewing space was my dining room. You saw my giant mess the minute you walked through my front door. And for a person as messy as I am, that’s so not good.

My Stash

We’ve been so wishy-washy about what was going down in our basement that nothing was ever done. The sad thing is that it’s the largest room in the house.

All my machines lined up

So, I finally convinced Chris that it was time. I had sewing things on every floor of our house. I had totes in the living room, dining room, red room and basement. I couldn’t remember what I had.

The Mega Table

I moved everything! Opened every tote, box and bin. Sorted through piles of stuff.

Sewing Alley

I got rid of a lot.

Tools Hang Close

Then, my favorite- I made a spot for everything. Every item now has a home.

More Storage

And now my home is at peace.

**** If you want all the juicy details where I’ve labeled just about everything in the room, click on over to my Flickr page. ****

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  1. I just stumbled on your blog while Tag Surfing…I just want to congratulate you on your new sewing studio. It looks simply wonderful and spacious. Myself, I’m downsizing in preparation to move aboard a 42 ft. sailboat, with all my worldly goods. So, your new space just makes me drool!! Good luck!


  2. i am in AWE!! i am also in the middle of a basement overhaul to call that space my own and yours has left me completely inspired! you make the basement seem more full of possibilities, so organized and there’s light! i love seeing the concrete behind your sewing machine. you have me dreaming now…:)


  3. WOW! Look at all of the space you have! It must be nice to be able to spread out so much and not worry about who sees what.

    Enjoy your new studio!


  4. Oh so much space!! Lucky you!


  5. Wow – lucky you! I only manage to get a corner of the dining table or a tray table and a book shelf in the bedroom. I have to sweep the floor when I want to cut fabric. I would love to have some space so that I don’t have to keep dragging everything out then putting it away again.


  6. Looks awesome, of course. I’d say it’s high time for “sewing at Irene’s.”


  7. Ahhhhhh the idea of everything having it’s own place is so wonderful! I love the big table and the way you have it set up. How nice to go and just get sewing instead of having to clear a spot. I have been cleaning out my sewing room for the last week so I am hoping to get where you are soon! Can’t wait for the next sewing group night- I need a good laugh!


  8. Posted by emily on June 18, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    OMG Irene I am so JEALOUS! Everything looks fantastic. Good for you!


  9. Look at all that fabric!!! Have fun in your new digs!


  10. LOVE IT! Check out that gigantic cutting table. And everything is so organized! When are we sewing? I miss you already!


  11. Your room looks great and very well organized! I have a wonderful sewing/embroidery room in my house that has been converted to a study room for my 24 year old son, who moved back home for 3 years finish college. He is a straight “A” student, so I work around his schedule as far as my sewing projects go. I just finished the Eddie Cap for my 9 month old grandson. I embroidered a big train engine on the front and a string of rail cars in the back of it. It is SOOOO cute! I can’t wait to get a photo of it on his little head! I am going to make 2 more for my twin 5 year old grandbabies who have just started fishing! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern and the tutorial.
    Is there a way to post a pic here?


  12. I just found your blog via a link to your Eddie Cap tutorial (which is fantastically well-organized & comprehensive–thank you! ^_^). Just wanted to say that I love your sewing studio–it’s so open and spacious and lovely. Makes me daydream about having enough space to have my own sewing room…someday! 🙂


  13. Irene! I found you! I’m so impressed by your workspace and fabric stash!!! I just moved out of the dining room, too — and into the office. Sigh. One of these days I’ll have my own sewing space…. It was so nice to meet you last night.



  14. Posted by dls on September 3, 2010 at 2:26 am

    What a lot of work – going through everything and organizing – but your space|studio looks wonderful! Just discovered “Sew Mama Sew” and am thrilled. Thanks for sharing your studio.


  15. Okaaaaaay, I realize jealousy is not very becoming and all, but waaaaaah! I want one. As if the cutting table weren’t enough you had to go and hang your scissors all neat on the beam. And I’m sorry, but how many machines are there in that room? I’m lovin’ the industrial straight stitch you’ve got. I grew up sewing on one and if people only knew what a dream they are.

    p.s. Judging by the comments left I better check out your Eddie Cap tute!


  16. Love your sewing area!!! Glad to know that you love my patchwork baby bib and booties ^ ^


  17. I wish I can visit your sewing studio one day ^ ^


  18. nice!!!


  19. What an awesome space! All to yourself too!


  20. I’m so envious of your huge space, Irene! It looks like you could quilting slumber parties there!


  21. What a great space. You are lucky. 3 years working on the blog, that is a long time in blog years. You deserve a great space to work.


  22. *comes out of lurking*

    What a gorgeous space! Makes my closet look like a… closet. Congrats on the 3 years!

    I just found your blog this week, and I wanted to share your awesomeness over on my Sunday Six list today- six must read blogs.



  23. What an awesome space! I love how you fit in so many sewing machines. I see a Singer 66 (?), and a 301 case, and maybe a 400, and something industrial looking. I know you’ve had the room going for awhile. Enjoy, enjoy!


  24. Posted by Alice Ballerscheff on December 15, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    I,too,have my sewing room in the basement.I love to be able to spread things out and display my fabric on shelves,just like you do.


  25. I’ve been contemplating a move down to the basement as I can’t even walk in the teeny tiny bedroom that’s a disaster zone right now. I need space to play!. You’ve completely inspired me to think it might work.


  26. Posted by Maria do Carmo Pezzuto on March 26, 2012 at 7:24 pm

    Maravilhoso!Eu também passei por isso,seis meses de GLÓRIA,sem bagunça ou coisa espalhada.O máximo que vai para casa é meu inseparável cesto de hexágonos.Adorei ver as ferramentas penduradas,ideia ótima.As minhas continuam no gavetão da mesa de corte.PARABÉNS e seja feliz.


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