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We dyed these last night:

2008 Eggs

And the USPS brought these to our door this morning:

Wood Fun

We have eggs everywhere! We hid some of our dyed eggs last night each taking turns hiding and searching. Everyone got into it especially Ms O. She loves to *throw* the eggs into her basket and needless to say, we had a few casualties. I was egg-cited (ha!) to see my package from Casey’s arrive this morning- talk about perfect timing! And so the kids got to hide even more eggs today and I didn’t have to constantly yell out “GENTLE!”

This year I’m especially worried about my eggs because for the first time, I actually blew out ten of the eggs. I was thinking that the kids were older so it might be fun to have some lighter-than-air eggs. Have you ever tried to blow out eggs? It was a challenge until I found out that my holes were *way* too small.

So just in case you want to try to blow out some eggs, be sure that you put in two holes at each end almost the size of a hole punch. I found that a thumb tack worked better than a needle to break through shell without too much trouble. You also want to stick a long needle into the egg to pierce the yolk so that it blows out easily. And lastly, rinse out your egg by covering one of the holes with your finger while filing the egg with water through the other hole. Then cover both holes with your fingers, shake and blow out the water. Repeat until the water come out clear.

The bad thing about blown-out eggs is that they float in the dye bath. We still managed to get them all dyed and had fun coming up with new methods.

We always loose one or two eggs in the house each year, but end up finding them eventually. It’ll be nice to finally have some wooden ones that I don’t have to worry about tracking down. We may paint them. Or not.

Either way, we’re all looking forward to a wonderful Easter with plenty of eggs for everyone!