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New Digs

My Sewing "Studio"

I moved and I love it!

Dark Industrial Corner

I say that alot about alot of things, but I really, really do *love* my new sewing space.

Even More Storage

I waited and waited and waited. I blame myself as well. I didn’t put too much effort in moving. My old sewing space was my dining room. You saw my giant mess the minute you walked through my front door. And for a person as messy as I am, that’s so not good.

My Stash

We’ve been so wishy-washy about what was going down in our basement that nothing was ever done. The sad thing is that it’s the largest room in the house.

All my machines lined up

So, I finally convinced Chris that it was time. I had sewing things on every floor of our house. I had totes in the living room, dining room, red room and basement. I couldn’t remember what I had.

The Mega Table

I moved everything! Opened every tote, box and bin. Sorted through piles of stuff.

Sewing Alley

I got rid of a lot.

Tools Hang Close

Then, my favorite- I made a spot for everything. Every item now has a home.

More Storage

And now my home is at peace.

**** If you want all the juicy details where I’ve labeled just about everything in the room, click on over to my Flickr page. ****



This year’s Halloween was a blast as usual. The kids have been wearing their costumes for weeks since I was finished with them super early this year.

Halloween 2009

Augie was Anakin Skywalker– he cracks me up posing like that!  For his costume, I made the bottoms with a pj pant pattern and for the shirt I simply traced around him while he laid on the fabric. Since the whole outfit is rough I used a thicker burlap-type fabric and did not hem any edges. I loved it- so very easy.

Young Anakin Skywalker

Eddie was a vampire with wings. His was even easier since it was mostly the make-up. We used one of their Harry Potter robes from a few years ago and I gently basted the wings under the arms. The seam can be taken out easily since I worked so dang hard on these robe- I wasn’t about to ruin them.


And lastly, Ms O was a fairy. And yes, I cut her hair again. This time it’s way too short, but she insisted that she wanted her hair like Augie’s. I will not do that again. So back to the costume- it’s made using Simplicity 2872. This was a great pattern even though it was hard to understand all the directions as to what was the lining, sheer and outside fabrics. I ended up skipping the tulle and tripled the sheer skirt. I really can’t remember what I did since I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out. I never really paid attention to what I was doing, but kept my fingers crossed that it would work out.


It did and she loves it. I made her a size 4 even though she’s barely in a 3 so that she can wear it for some time to come. I do have to warn you to be careful around velcro. Her wings just about ruined her dress before we figured out the velcro on the wings’ waistband was causing huge runs on the dress.

We had a blast with our friends who hosted an amazing party full of food and fun. Trick-o-treating was perfect since the weather cooperated with clear skies and mild temperatures. Now, what the heck am I going to do with all this darn candy?

Oh, and I also wanted to mention that our mushroom log is blooming!

Blue Oyster Mushroom Log

These little baby blue oyster mushrooms have just started. I bought the log at the yearly OMS mushroom show. (What? You’re not a member? Get on it! If you’re not in Oregon, I’m sure there’s a chapter in your neck of the woods. It really is a great community of people.) The logs are a measly $5 if you are a member and you can get others like shiitake, maitake and other varieties of oysters.

Aren't they cute?

I picked the blue oyster because I wanted something that was easy to grow and was very successful so that the kids can watch it. The log has been sitting on my table in the kitchen for about 3 weeks before the first blooms started.

And one last thing that I highly suggest you do with your kids. It’s an autumn leaf garland.

Autumn Leaf Garland

I did this with my kids this morning and it was fun. We walked around the neighborhood for about 15 min collecting leaves then brought them home to iron between pieces of wax paper. The longest part was cutting them out, but overall it was a quick and easy project.  I love my garland- it looks so pretty in my window.

I don’t know how the heck Valerie has time to do all these cool projects, but she does! This will be our next project. You should wander through Valerie’s site if you have time- she has a ton of ideas.

Summer Stops

We had to go slow on our last trip.  Back troubles are keeping us from driving for more than 45 min at a time.  (Did you know that you are not supposed to sit for more than 45 min at a time? Try it on your next roadtrip.)


I loved it though.  We stopped places that we wouldn’t otherwise.  This first picture was taken between the two large dams (Detroit and Big Cliff) on the Santiam River.  Chris and I had never seen the water this low.

Afternoon snack

We were looking for one of my favorite childhood lakes here.  The road is now closed so we had to hike around a bit.  We never found it, but think we found another way around. The kids were tired and cold, but still enjoyed the hunt.

Picking Hucks

We were able to stop and pick huckleberries. There are tons this year so another trip to the mountains may be required before summer is over.

Cooling Off

Another stop, but this time at a state park on our way back home. (I think it was the North Santiam State Park.) The area was gorgeous and perfect for the kids to explore on their own without me having to worry about their safety.

First Apples

When we arrived back home, our first crop of apples were ripe and ready for picking.  I don’t know how she got the biggest one, but she ate it all!

Garden Out of Control

This year, we decided to put our garden in the front yard since our lawn is non-existent and this is where we get the only sun.  We had to find out way through the massive tomato and pumpkin vines that seemed to take over while we were gone. I planted everything I need for fresh salsa this year and things are just about there.  I can’t wait.

So that’s it.  Those are our stops during the last week or so.  Just wanted to capture more of the summer before it’s gone.


Cut it down or keep some for the birds…

Saturday's Project

I think he’s going to cut it down.  (Do you see him up there hanging on for dear life?)  Hopefully his chance of survival is greater that way.

For those who know our backyard, you understand what a big deal this is.  Chris has wanted this birch down since moving in almost 10 years ago.  It’s just too dangerous to try and top which is what he’s done with several of the trees in the yard.  Let’s just hope it falls in the right direction!

Forgotten Favorites

Today I took a quick glance over my blog posts and realized I hadn’t written much about some of my favorite projects from as far back as May.  I wanted to share these few favorites:

Ms O's Favorite

Ms O’s skirt made with this great Oliver & S free pattern.  I love this simple idea and she adores this skirt.  Today she found my pink pom-pom stash so I guess I’ll be making her something soon with more of this great stuff.  I think I may try some pants since these are too cute.  BTW- it’s really easy to add these to any hem.  They come attached to a flat rope-like ribbon that is easy to sew through, but at $4.99/yd I can’t buy as much as I’d like.  I’ve also made a two-layered version of this skirt which I think I like more, but don’t have any photos to share yet.

Summer Screen Door

Okay, they are a little funky and people still can’t get over why I have curtains hanging in my doorway, but I think they are wonderful.  These flutter in the wind, bring cheer to my doorway, and keep the peepers from peeking just as I imagined they would.

My Curtain Tote

And lastly, more totes.  These are by far my favorite.  I’m sure you all recognize the fabric which are Ikea curtains, but I added brown canvas to the top hem and handles.  I also made the handles a little longer than in my tutorial and the hem has nice hidden seams which makes the tote look tidy.

All these summer pictures are making me wish for those warm days again.  Currently it’s raining pouring outside and I’m under a yet-to-be-constructed fleece blanket.

And I’m still cold!

Need a Break

After removing this:

Chris and his tree

We need a little of this:

Island Lake

I have a ton of things to share with you, but my camera seems to forget to take pictures after something is made. I’ll try to catch up on some projects when I return. Have a happy week!

Spring-ing Up

We were able to get out this weekend and accomplish some major yard work- at least for us.

Livvie took a 4-hour nap so I was able to spend just about the entire day outside. We started off the day getting a load of dirt from our favorite dumping ground- Grimm’s. We took our hoop-D trailer and filled her up as much as she could hold. The kids love watching the huge loaders, trucks and mountains of dirt get moved around.

Sprucing Up the Yard

We headed home and got to work planting strawberries, peas (again, since our earlier planting hasn’t been doing well), begonias, impatients, and geraniums. We also cleaned out our front bed which I have wanted to re-plant since we moved into our house. I LOVE it! It’s empty, clean and ready for something new.

Our Plant-Mover

I wanted to show this picture because it shows Chris’ favorite yard tool- our plant mover. During high school, he worked at a small nursery which used old lawnmower bases to move around their inventory. After moving into our house, Chris immediately went to the recycling center and picked up an old, heavy lawnmower. He removed all parts except the metal base which is basically a large, flat surface. We have used this thing for many, many plant moves and I’ve come to rely on it as well.  You don’t have to move the plant high into a wheelbarrow or anything like that.  You simply scoot the plant carefully onto the base and wheel it where you need it to go.  It’s strong, stable and low to the ground.  We’ve just about moved every rhododendron, tree and shrub using this little contraption.

I’m getting anxious for summer and want to plant the garden and flower seeds, but it’s still chilly and the ground is very wet.  I can’t wait for some r & r next week with just my kids and after that, summer will be just around the corner.  I love May!  Vacation, Mother’s Day and my 35th birthday- it’s a good month isn’t it?