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New Digs

My Sewing "Studio"

I moved and I love it!

Dark Industrial Corner

I say that alot about alot of things, but I really, really do *love* my new sewing space.

Even More Storage

I waited and waited and waited. I blame myself as well. I didn’t put too much effort in moving. My old sewing space was my dining room. You saw my giant mess the minute you walked through my front door. And for a person as messy as I am, that’s so not good.

My Stash

We’ve been so wishy-washy about what was going down in our basement that nothing was ever done. The sad thing is that it’s the largest room in the house.

All my machines lined up

So, I finally convinced Chris that it was time. I had sewing things on every floor of our house. I had totes in the living room, dining room, red room and basement. I couldn’t remember what I had.

The Mega Table

I moved everything! Opened every tote, box and bin. Sorted through piles of stuff.

Sewing Alley

I got rid of a lot.

Tools Hang Close

Then, my favorite- I made a spot for everything. Every item now has a home.

More Storage

And now my home is at peace.

**** If you want all the juicy details where I’ve labeled just about everything in the room, click on over to my Flickr page. ****


Now I Can…

Ummm. Yeah, make bibs, and yeah, put like snaps in purses and stuff and …

Old Snap Press

Really, I have no idea what the heck I’m going to do with this thing, but it does work. I put a couple snaps in. Well, Chris did since there wasn’t any instructions and I don’t have the time or patience to sit and figure something out. It works well, much better than one like this that I picked up from a thrift store. (Don’t ever buy this plier kind! There’s not enough pressure to put a snap in right.) If you’re looking, I’ve heard that these are the best and you can even buy specific dies to insert plastic snaps into things. How cool would that be?!

I bought this one from Max who I found on Craigslist. Max is a great guy with a garage full of stuff that he’s trying to get rid of before they move. Poor guy. I could tell that he didn’t want to let any of it go, but $25 cash was exchanged and I got my snap press.

Now, if I can only get sewing and make something with it before Chris teases me for yet another Craigslist purchase that’s never used.

Sew Simple

I haven’t been doing much inside so have not made anything to really post about. I did want to post what I made out of the thrifted curtain:

Floor Pillow

This Floor/Study Pillow was easy to make and I even added a handle for easy carrying since it’s huge. I made this for my neighbor’s daughter who is graduating this weekend and will be going to my alma mater in the fall. The colors just make me smile! I also made her a simple drawstring laundry bag:

Laundry Bag

Simple gifts, but ones that I remember using alot while in college.

The last project I want to show is something I’ve been wanting to sew ever since we bought our new car:

CD holder It Fits!

A little CD holder sewn out of some colorful Moda fat quarters I got for $7. It took me a couple hours to put together because I was making it up as I went. I knew that I wanted it to hold about 6 CDs (there’s 3 slots on each side), and it needed to fit in a specific slot in the car’s dash. Now, there’s no more loose CDs sliding around getting scratched AND it’s cute to boot! Handmade is better than store bought any day. 🙂


Yesterday, Grandma watched the wee ones while I got two hours of alone time. I was going to use it to really try out my new tool in peace, but I had a graduation gift to sew and I needed some supplies. In trying to Reuse, I decided to check out a thrift store since I only needed some batting and any type of heavy weight material. This is what I found:

Thrifted Linens Thifted Curtain

Aren’t they gorgeous? I found over 30 table napkins that look as if they’ve never been used or washed. The best part if that they are just about the size of a Fat Quarter so they’re perfect for everything from quilts to pockets and cuffs on clothing. Maybe I’ll use some to make something like this for the kids since picnic table weather is here. I also found something for the boys:

Strummin' My Six String

They’ve been playing the it in the house, car and outside on the deck. It’s very cute to watch except when they fight over it. I guess I’ll have to find another…. and drive Chris over the edge!!!