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Where Did May Go?

Wonder where I’ve been? Here’s the rundown:
– Wedding in Seattle, beautiful
– Week at Black Butte Ranch in Central Oregon, aaaah
– My 35th Birthday, along with baby sis Liz- on the same day
– Mother’s Day, I cleaned
– Step-sis’ Baby Shower, lovely
– Dad’s 62nd Birthday, hot
– Chris’ and BIL’s Birthday, busy
– 2 hours of tennis lessons every Saturday for the boys, pure entertainment!
– More typing work, argh
– Nailing notes on my guitar and now moving on to chords, ouch
– Not one sewing project started or completed! (Well, one- I made a cozy for a glass ikea stein for my dad’s b-day. He’s a fanatic boiling-hot-water drinker. Not much of a project and no picture to post so there you go.)

– And lastly, Memorial Day Morel hunting on Mt. Hood- found nothing, but LBMs (little brown mushrooms for you non-shroomers).

Here’s some shots from our day up in the mountains:

Morel Hunting

Hang On


Hood River

My Princess


Got It

I’m happy to report that we made it. The kids made a fast recovery so by Saturday we were able to head up to the mountains and cut our tree.

Looking for the perfect Tree

After a couple hours of playing and looking, we found our perfect “Charlie Brown” tree:

Found One

We really wanted a noble this year, but found a nice fir tree instead. I think it’s magnificent- and so is the man carrying it.

At first, Ms O wasn’t sure of all the white stuff and kept asking me to wipe the snow off of her mittens. But, after a few more falls in it and watching her brothers roll around in it, she decided that snow was fun after all. Here’s her *huge* smile to show it:

She Likes It

I love love love this little girl!

We put the tree up in our living room last night and the boys really enjoyed decorating it with all the “kid” ornaments. (The other ornaments do not go on the tree until Christmas Break starts and the daycare children aren’t here.)

So now all the lights are up, the tree is up and our house is filled with excitement. I love Christmas!

Sewing Mamas

Mt Hood

I don’t have much to share because my kids are sick throwing up, diarrhea and fevers. It seems to be non-stop with something these days. Poor kids. We were supposed to make our trek up to Mt Hood for our annual Christmas tree hunt, but it looks like we may have to delay it. The kids will be bummed as they were looking forward to lots of snow balls, forts and hot coco. But I’m going to give them lots of TLC and hopefully we’ll all be back to *normal* by Monday.

I did want to thank SewMamaSew and all you ladies for stopping by the last couple days. They’ve not only highlighted my CD Poket, but also my Eddie Cap AND baby slippers! I’ve had a wonderful time reading all your comments. Wow- thanks for all the kindness! It’s kept me sane with all the handmade gift making going on. I ordered some fabric from the store the other day and couldn’t be more pleased. It came quickly, nicely packed to keep out any rain (we’ve been dunked with it recently) and I love my little button! I ordered this, this and this. I LOVE them all and are saving them for some very special projects after the holidays are over. (I just saw that the gnomes are out of stock again! I’m glad I got my order in so if you want some and you see it in stock, buy it. And buy ALOT. It’s simply the softest, most luscious fabric out there.)

So back to my kiddos I go and hopefully I’ll be back with some crafty goodness in a couple days.

Have a great weekend!

Birthday Wishes

It’s Chris’ birthday and this was where he wanted to go:

Mt Hood

So, we threw the kids in the car and drove an hour and a half into our National Forest. The day was spent hiking around Mt Hood, hunting for Morels and simply enjoying the scenery. We drove back through the Gorge and stopped at Multnomah Falls. We hadn’t been there in so long that the boys couldn’t remember that they had already been there several times.

Multnomah Falls Ms O enjoying the view

They got a kick out of the heights and sprays of water. I could tell from her oohs and aahs that Olivia loved it as well. We were all tired at the end of the day, but it was a good tired.

I did come home and finished Eddie’s crane shorts, but didn’t have time to get a picture before dark. I will post it tomorrow. I hope you all had a great weekend as well!