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Summer 09 Skirt

I’m an XL girl.  Always have been.  So when looking at patterns, the models are always smaller.  I get excited and think I can totally sew that and it’s so cute.

Then I make it. Ugh.


First of all, I did not read the pattern carefully.  The cherry fabric was to be the main panels of the skirt with the brighter fabric “peeking” through between the pleats.  After sewing the 10 panels together, I realized that I mis-understood the instructions.  Only 2″ of each panel would go into the pleat so my skirt would actually be striped! Yuck- not what I wanted at all.

At midnight, I called my sister in Hawaii for a chat and I started another skirt.  I decided on the circle skirt instead because while trying on the mistake skirt, I realized that adding all the bulky pleats to my body frame was not a good idea.

Summer 09 Skirt

It took me less than 3 hours from start to finish AND I was talking to Fini the entire time.  This is an easy skirt. The fabric is Valorie Wells’ Del Hi collection called Paisley Earth and is just gorgeous. (If you see it, buy as much as you can afford.  The fabric is luscious and high quality. You will never regret it.) I really hesitated cutting up.

I still don’t know if this skirt is something my body should be wearing, but oh well.  I have my Summer 09 skirt.  I’m happy.

It's a Circle!


– Pattern is 2 pieces: cut 4 of the ¼ circle piece and 2 of the waistband piece.

– All pieces are cut on the bias so it takes alot of fabric, but it hangs so nicely.

– This pattern runs big so start at your usual size or go down one.

The End.



I think July has to be one of the best months to live in the NW. You have your pick of fresh foods from cherries loaded on dwarf trees which my littlest can reach to every berry you can imagine to the best veggies nobody can resist.

Loaded Trees

Last week we picked Ranier, Bing and Van cherries and brought home over 50 pounds. Since then, we’ve made 4 cherry pies (don’t worry- we gave all but one away), 3 batches of cherry freezer jam, cherry crisp (not the tastiest recipe, but it worked) and cherry clafoutis (CLA-foo-tea). I didn’t use Alicia’s recipe, but used one from our favorite French cookbook. Chris loves this book and has tried many recipes and *all* of them have been superb.

The Boys' Bounty

This week we hit one farm and came home with marionberries, boysenberries, raspberries, and blueberries. I have enough for at least 5 pies (pre-measured in baggies) and enough for pancakes, muffins, crepes and snacking. These frozen bags of goodness help us get through all those rainy winter months. We also grabbed some snow peas, beets (my favorite), and pole beans. Morning Shade Farm is wonderful because they have it all! I was mad I had just bought a gigantic jar of honey from Costco because the farm had fresh honey too! Chris even gave the kids a quick honeybee lesson because the hives were next to the berries and we all got a chance to sit and watch them work. It was a great day.

I plan on hitting the farm again next week and stocking up on more of the summer’s harvest because before I know it, fall will be here. We’re going to enjoy every bit of our NW’s freshness in the meantime!